Having a hard time making your Mortgage Payment?

The very first thing you should do when experiencing difficulty making mortgage payments is to contact your lender immediately should you want to keep your Lakeland home and before asking a Lakeland Real estate agent about a Lakeland Short Sale.  The longer you wait and ignore the fact you are in financial distress the less favorable your lender may work out an option. Depending on your lender and your circumstances, solutions that may help you getting back on track:

  • Extending your length of the loan,  thereby reducing to lower payments
  • Reduce Interest Rate on Mortgageworriedhomeowner
  • Suspend mortgage payments temporarily
  • Missed payments to be piggy-backed on your current loan
  • Reducing your current loan amount

Valuable Credit, Foreclosure and Legal Resources to you:

If you have all your option exhausted and facing foreclosure, please give me a call at (863) 619-6918 for a confidential consultation – a Lakeland Short Sale may be your answer after all.

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