Lakeland FL Homes For Sale – Market Update July 2011

Lakeland FL Homes For Sale – Market Update July 2011

Although overall existing average home sales in Lakeland Florida increased to $110,304 for the month of July, when compared to the previous month as well as the previous year, the numbers of homes sold dropped off to 174 home sold.

174 Lakeland overall homes sales in July:

June 2011:  217 – previous year July 10: 174 sold

July – average sales price $110,304

June: $95,423 (15.59%) – previous year July 10: $114,304 (-3.50%)

July – median sales price $98,000

June: $80,000 (22.50%) – previous year July 10: $98,400 (-0.41%)

The graph below represents average and median home sales for July in Lakeland, Fl for various categories. When our media provides us with a real estate market reports, generally these reports outline only Single Family Homes and Condominiums, as well as data from only the local associations within Polk County. Lakeland Florida has a variety of homes, such as manufactured homes, town homes, villas and duplex units for sale.

What was the average sales price in each Lakeland zip code?

Take a look at my spreadsheet below. I’ve separated the report by zip code instead of school zones; it gives you a more accurate report in my opinion. The data and graphs for this report were obtained from the Mid-Florida Regional MLS, it is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. This report does not include “For Sale By Owner”. The numbers highlighted in pink represents the zip codes where average home sales have exceeded.

Distressed properties in Lakeland, Florida

For the month of July, foreclosures and short sales comprised a total of 40% of homes sold, which dropped off quite a bit considering the history of dominating foreclosure sales in the past year. There were a total of 69 homes sold in June, according to Mid-Florida Regional MLS.

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