Moving To Lakeland? Information For Lakeland Electric Utilities

The City of Lakeland electric utilities is one of the main utilities that you will need to contact through the city or directly to Lakeland Electric Services,  in order to  connect  or transfer your electric  services upon moving out of or into your new home in Lakeland Florida.  Below you will find some great pointers, easy steps and important information to make this transition easier for you.

Contact information:

To send written inquiries to to us please send them to:

Lakeland Electric
Attn: Customer Service Inquiries
501 East Lemon Street
Lakeland, FL 33801-9881

Please send payments to :

Lakeland Electric
P.O. BOX 32006
Lakeland, FL 33802-2006

Customer Service: (863) 834-9535 Local  

(800) 929-4876 Long distance

Make sure that you keep these contact numbers in a convenient for quick reference. The office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

For emergencies call (863) 834-9535 during office hours. For after hour emergencies please call (863) 834-4248.

At Lakeland Electric utilities you can also gain quick access and take care of most business matters, or have questions answered by visiting them online

    • Service Availability:Lakeland City electric  utilities covers the greater part  of Lakeland Florida. electric services should already be in place for you, however if you have any questions regarding this call their office directly at (863) 834-8316.
    • Turning on/off

electric  services:Whether you already have an existing electric account, and

need to transfer your service or open a new account with the Lakeland City electric utilities company you can do this online or over the phone with one of the companies customer service agents. Lakeland Electric services often require a deposit. Please contact customer service for more information regarding this.

Lakeland Electric utilities is a great informational resource to answer any questions that you may have.  If you are moving into a home or selling your current home, you will need to contact Lakeland Electric utilities customer service to move you in the right direction.  

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