Relocating To Lakeland FL – Water Utilities Information

Relocating to Lakeland FL and not knowing who to call about who to call to turn on your water utilities can be a challenge.  Living within city limits, the City of Lakeland FL water utilities are servicing you.
Lakeland City water utilities is one of the main utilities that you will need to contact in order to  connect  or transfer your water and waste water services upon moving out of or into your new home.  Below you will find some great pointers, easy steps and important information to make this transition easier for you to relocate to Lakeland Florida.
Contact information:
The City of Lakeland water utilities  office is located on 228 South Massachusetts avenue, Lakeland Florida 33801.
  • Customer Service: (863) 834-9535 Local
  • (800) 929-4876 Long distance

Make sure that you keep these contact numbers in a convenient for quick reference.

At Lakeland FL City water utilities you can also gain quick access and take care of most business matters, or have questions answered by visiting them online at:

  • Service Availability:

Lakeland City water utilities covers the greater part  of Lakeland Florida. Water and waste water services should already be in place for you, however if you have any questions regarding this call their office directly at (863) 834-8316.

  • Turning on/off water services: Whether you already have an existing water account, and need to transfer your service or open a new account with the Lakeland.

City water utilities company you can do this online or over the phone with one of the companies customer service agents. The contact numbers are above.

  • Rates: Online at the Lakeland City water Utilities website has a comparison chart for rates that you can view.  There is also valuable information on residential and commercial rates as well.
  • Reporting a water main break: To report water main breaks or other water emergencies please call Lakeland City water utilities at (863) 834-4248 between the office hours of 7:30a.m to 4:30p.m. and for after hour and weekend emergencies contact (863) 834-4248.  If there is a water emergency than please do not report this online.  call the office office  directly.
  • Recycling/Bulk trash pick up Aside from your normal weekly trash pick up days, you will want to know when your when the Lakeland city water utilities will pick up your recycling  and also when there is a bulk trash pick up.  Normally this will depend on what your address is.  For detailed information on recycling and the bulk trash calendar go online at
  • Water restrictions: There is currently water restrictions in the Lakeland area. For current information and the water restriction policies visit Lakeland city water utilities online at

Lakeland city water utilities is a great informational resource to answer any questions that you may have.  If you are moving into a home or selling your current home the list above and contact information above will surely put you in the right direction.

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