Which Is A Better Move Lakeland FL Or Tucson AZ?

Which Is A Better Move Lakeland FL Or Tucson AZ?

I came across this question today from someone who needs help answering not just the question which is a better move, Lakeland FL or Tucson AZ, but specific questions about crime and housing.  I don’t have much knowledge about Tucson other than what you can google and its population which far exceeds Lakeland’s population.  I will, however, sell you Lakeland Florida anytime of the day because to me it is one of the best places to live if you like the small town atmosphere.  

Lakeland has so much to offer from the close proximity to Tampa, Orlando, attractions and beaches, Lakeland has a small town community feel with 38 natural lakes, parks, golfing and much more. We don’t have no state income tax and sales tax is 7% but no taxes on groceries. Once you make Lakeland Fl your primary residence and you own your home, you are qualified for homestead exemption.  An indoor shopping mall and an outdoor shopping village, movie theater, community theater, a symphony orchestra, the Lakeland Center which hold many entertainment events, public libraries, art museum, aviation museum, many fine dining facilities, walking and biking trails.  Not to forget, churches, great hospital, cancer research and specialty centers.

I have lived in Lakeland since 1992 and I’m a local real estate agent who also blogs about community events and neighborhoods. I cherish this town and hold it dear to my heart, granted I can’t make everyone happy and you certainly can have your input by volunteering in many organizations you possibly can or just sit back, relax and enjoy this town with all it has to offer.

The housing market if you look to buy is quite enticing as our median sales prices for a typical 3 bedroom/2bath single family home for the past three months is at $103,000. I don’t know which is safer as Lakeland has about 94,000 people living here. I wrote a recap of the 2011 Lakeland housing market recently, you can read the article by clicking right here.  

I find that living in Lakeland is pretty safe as I have raised my children here; I do recommend you check out crimes by goggling crime statistics in Lakeland Fl.  In the meantime, check out the map below which displays current Lakeland Fl homes for sale before you decide on which town is a better move.  Good Luck!

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