5 Cheap Summer Projects for Your Carillon Lakes Community Home

In Carillon Lakes community, as well as in other areas where summer is about to begin, people start thinking of quick and easy projects which could increase the value of their homes. Summer is the best time for these things since the weather is warm and breezy.

Make your home in Carillon Lakes community more beautiful this summer! Here's how.

It is of course important to plan every single change we would make in our home. Accomplishing projects which would require minimal cost but would result to a great deal of positive impact on your home’s overall appeal and value.  If you are excited about making changes around your home but haven’t quite decided yet on where to start or what to do, here’s a list that’s certainly going to help you.

  1. Groom the lawn

Carillon Lakes community homes for sale with lovely lawns always attract home buyers everywhere. It is simply the best way to make a great first impression. So this summer, give your lawn some much needed TLC by mowing more often, filling in bald spots, and nourishing your grass. Remember not to do this though when the sun is high up. Schedule it on cooler hours of the day so you get more things done.

  1. Inspect and clean those gutters

According to gutter cleaning manly cleaning your gutter should be done twice a year to keep it working perfectly. As you clean, inspect for possible leaks and cracks that should be addressed as soon as possible. This is summer project costs nothing more than your time and effort. Additionally, it can ensure your home is ready for the next season.

  1. Make over your front door

Have you seen lovely front doors of homes in http://www.LakelandFloridaLiving.com? Don’t they just look inviting? Now is the time to get your paint brush ready and give your front door a new coat of paint. Doing so will not just prettify your home but will also help protect your front door from harmful rays.

  1. Give windows a lovely shine

I’m sure that just like in most people’s homes, windows are not often prioritized in a Carillon Lakes Community home. However, you have to consider that your windows will be very important this coming summer. So to keep it lovely and functioning well, clean it up with natural cleaning solution of water and vinegar. Afterwards, wipe it off with a newspaper.

  1. Consider insulating your water pipes

Your water pipes can actually be insulated so that it doesn’t waste heat as it carries hot water. You can check out hardware stores and spend around $10 – $15 dollars on flexible pipe sleeves which are pre-slit. If you have a small home, you will need about 3 hours to finish insulating. The good news is that it can save you up to $12 per year in your energy consumption cost.

Take advantage of this season to improve your Carillon Lakes community home for sale. Prioritize the changes your home needs the most and consider these smart ideas for your next home project.

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