5 Tips for Active Senior Golfers in Carillon Lakes Community

Many active seniors in Carillon Lakes community have chosen golf as a way to stay healthy and fit. For you to enjoy the game even more, here are some tips to help you reap the full physical and mental benefits of this game:

Find out the secrets of Carillon Lakes community senior golfers.

  1. Exercise first. One of the few things most people forget before playing any game is the warm up exercises. Instead of playing the first five holes as a “quick” warm up, why not do actual stretching and light cardio exercises beforehand? Before you hit off, take a brisk walk around Carillon Lakes community. The fresh air will do you good, and walking actually gets your heart rate up, prepping your body for the game ahead. You can also do minor stretching exercises such as extending both of your arms on one side for 8 counts and repeating it on the other side for 8 more counts. No matter how light your workout is, warm up exercises help get your body moving, making you ready for a winning game ahead.
  1. Maintain proper posture. The benefits of good posture goes even way beyond the game of golf. Bone health is very important for active seniors to enjoy any activity longer and stronger. Good posture gives you strength in your upper torso and legs which increases your stability and mobility, making it easier to walk the short distances from one hole to another.
  1. Make adjustments to your game. Stan Geer, head golf professional at Vi in Bentley Village in North Naples, emphasized on senior golfers making adjustments when it comes to their game, by focusing more on their strengths. He shares, “This often means players need to shift their emphasis from hitting the long shots down the fairway to improving their short game, honing chip shot skills.”
  1. Use the correct equipment. Take control of your game by using the correct equipment for your body type. Active seniors who live in Carillon Lakes community homes may think that the clubs they have used for years which have made them won tournaments are still the clubs they should be using now. However, experts have shared that the most important thing golfers should look for in their golf clubs is the golf shaft. Golf clubs with the right shaft flex and length for you helps you in hitting the shots squarely.
  1. Take note of your diet. A healthy diet is always important at any age. For active seniors who play golf regularly, a well-rounded diet can help improve their strength, consistency, and flexibility by improving their overall body strength.

Whether as a professional or an amateur, active seniors prefer the stress-free nature of golf as it provides ample cardio workout and helps to stretch the different parts of their body. By following these 5 tips, you’re sure to enjoy the game even more.

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