6 Kitchen Designs to Try on Your Carillon Lakes Community Homes

For those who love to cook, their Carillon Lakes home’s kitchen is usually the favorite part of the house. So it is just right to give this little piece of heaven much love, just like the bedroom and the living room, where most decorating efforts are spent. If you are thinking about how to improve the look of your kitchen, and perhaps add more to its value, you definitely ought to try the 6 design trend below.

Trendy kitchen designs for your Carillon Lakes community homes that you'll surely love!

Trendy furniture

This year, kitchen furniture are not just there for their function. A lot of people are considering getting furniture which also add to the overall aesthetics of a kitchen. So if you just closed the deal on that Carillon Lakes home for sale and you haven’t started shopping for items yet, you can try to explore stylish pieces that make a bold statement for a change.

Open Shelves

When you think about kitchen, you always think about storage spaces. And there are two things you might want to try on this area. The popularity of open shelving has reached most homes last year, and it is still here for your convenience. Open shelving means you can actually use the spaces for kitchen appliances rather than just for display pieces.

Vertical drawers

If you want to put as small area to good use, opt for vertical drawers. These can be used in the small and usually neglected wall spaces and are ideal for storing small items. Drawers are usually built horizontally, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring innovative ways to have smart storage solutions in your kitchen.

Statement ceilings

Tricking the eyes to look upwards is a good way to create an illusion of space in a small rooms. Consider adding accents that would make people look up when they enter your kitchen. Some have achieved this successfully by using gorgeous industrial lights, and others by having specially designed high windows or by using color patterns that grab one’s attention.

Blacks and brass

In terms of color, you may want to move away from the usual whites and marbles and experiment on black and brass. Black can be very elegant when incorporated into a kitchen’s color palette. You may use it in your cabinets or walls. But when you don’t want the whole neutral or white theme to change and you are just thinking of beautiful accents on pieces like your cookware or knobs, then brass is a worthy choice.

Stylish and bold walls

It is not surprising if your Carillon Lakes home came in very neutral colors. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep it that way. Trying in something bold as highlight on your otherwise plain kitchen is a brave decision, and you might be surprised at how much you’ll love it. If you want something less permanent, go ahead and use stylish wall papers that add fun statement on your kitchen.

These tips would surely make the kitchen in your newly bought home in Carillon Lake feel more you. After all, it is yours now and you have all the freedom in the world to try something creative with it.

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