Finding a Swimming Pool Home for Sale in Lakeland FL

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Gunite Pool Home – Lakeland FL

Florida is best known for its beaches and assortment of theme parks, and sometimes that’s the very reason why locals prefer to have their own swimming pools at home. There are just days when the mere thought of the bustling crowds that frequent Florida’s beaches and water parks is enough to tire you out. If you want your own little oasis to enjoy whenever you want then you need to buy a home in Lakeland FL that has its own pool.

If you are interested in buying a Lakeland FL home for sale that has a pool in it and it’s your first time to consider this type of home, you should be aware that there are three types of in-ground pools that a house may have.

Contractors like Agua Pools & Spas have been designing and building pools for decades instead of buying a new home you can build a pool in your current home.

Gunite Pools

This is the most traditional type of pool and one you will see most often when it comes to Lakeland FL homes or houses for sale elsewhere in the country. It also costs a lot to build so expect this to influence the price of the house you wish to purchase. Walls of the pool hole are sprayed with a mixture of sand and concrete. Finishes applied afterward can vary and may be anything from plaster to fiberglass to tile. Gunite pools – as long as they are properly maintained – can last about 30 years before substantial replacements are required. They are also rather flexible in design and can be built to accommodate whichever shape a homeowner prefers.

Vinyl Pools

This type of underground pool is a lot cheaper than the aforementioned kind, but it does require replacement every 10 years or so. You won’t find this common in Lakeland FL homes because it tends to be more advantageous to use in areas that typically experience harsh winters. Vinyl pools suit such areas because they are easier to drain during winter.

Walls of vinyl pools are – you guessed it – lined with vinyl. Additional support may be provided by walls made of varying materials such as fiberglass, steel, or wood. The best way to think about vinyl pools is that they are built like aboveground pools but placed deep in a hole to look like an underground pool.

Fiberglass Pools

This is a fairly recent trend in swimming pools, which is why you will often see this only featured in newer homes for sale in Lakeland FL. A fiberglass pool has to be built completely before it’s lowered into a pre-dug hole – similar to how vinyl pools are built. The difference, however, is that fiberglass pools are a lot tougher, more expensive, and usually prettier to look at as well. Fiberglass pools can be a lavish addition to any home because – if positioned strategically – they can serve as an aquarium-like design for homes with a floor that is at the same level as the pool.

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