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Lakeland FL Home for Sale| How Does Our Marketing Help Sell Your HomeThis past fall I was contacted by one of my readers who has been looking at Sandpiper Golf & Country club homes for sale and stumbled upon my my blog of the Sandpiper Golf & Country club in Lakeland FL.

She called me to set up an appointment so we could discuss her real estate needs in detail.  We talked a little bit about this wonderful community and her desire to buying a home in the Sandpiper Community.  During my consultation she informed me that she needs to sell her Cypress Lakes manufactured home first.

After an extensive real estate market research, I noticed that homes in the Cypress Lakes community may have its challenges that are besides the current market value decline.  There are only a small number of homes that are land owned and you just can’t go into this 55+ adult community without having an appointment with a resident.  The 24hr gate guard is very strict.  Nothing is impossible, even for an outsider of this community who has only one thing in mind when it comes to advertising and marketing a unique community such as Cypress Lakes in Lakeland FL, finding a qualified buyer and net the highest possible amount for my client.

Marketing Your Lakeland FL HomeYou see, the homes that have sold within the last twelve months are averaging almost a year, and the homes that are currently for sale reaching two years on the market off and on.  I have explained to the seller that the time is great because folks from the northern states are coming back to Florida and pricing the home attractively will sell during the time the snowbirds are here.

I explained to my seller that the way we handle the marketing efforts of the home, along with a very attractive price, I was convinced that it will sell within a reasonable amount of time.

I was surprised that nobody had made a video about this community. With all my marketing efforts about getting this home as much traffic as possible, a community blog about the Cypress Lakes was in order, so I grabbed my camera and the seller gave me a grand tour in this community.

Check out my YouTube video production!


In February, after adjusting the price we received an offer.  After some negotiations, my client accepted the buyers offer for a closing in April.

During this time, we viewed homes in the Sandpiper Golf & Country Community that were within her price range.  An offer was made and after negotiations, the seller accepted my clients offer for an April closing.

A successful back to back closing that came from my community blogging efforts about the Sandpiper Golf and Country Club and the Cypress Lakes Community in Lakeland.

If you are in need of selling your Lakeland FL home and you are looking for another way to get more exposure on the world wide web with our marketing efforts, blogs, and social media feel free to contact us at (863) 619-6918 or email for free consultation.

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