Small Space Entertaining Tips for Your Carillon Lakes Community Home

Are you fond of hosting mini get-togethers with friends but afraid they all won’t fit in your small dining room? Small spaces should not stop you throwing rockin’ dinner parties or fun brunches with family and friends. While it’s ideal to have an open floor plan or wide outdoor setting, you can still pull off a fab party in a small space in your Carillon Lakes community home.

Find out how to accommodate your family and friends in your Carillon Lakes community home party when you have small space.

Here are some of the problems of would-be hosts and tips to help them continue their planned parties –

Problem: You do not have a dining table or it’s too small to fit more than 4 people.

What to do: Rearrange your furniture. Gather your friends over at the living room and set up a buffet-style at the kitchen counter. Throw in some bean bags or floor pillows for everyone to sit on. When guests are done filling their plate with food, they can just plop on the bean bags and munch on their food while chatting with other guests.

Problem: You don’t have a coat closet.

What to do: Set up a small space where people can hang their coats, be it at the back of your guest bedroom’s door or a couple of chairs in the living room. You can even clear up some space in your closet for people’s coats. Another idea is to pull off the shower curtains in one of the bathrooms of your house in Carillon Lakes community and hang the coats there. This way, they are out of sight, kept dry, and wouldn’t clutter any room.

Problem: Not enough kitchen counter space.

What to do: Maximize your buffet space by using tiered platters and cake stands. You also don’t want to lay out everything all at once since some of the food might need be kept hot while others have to be kept colder. Time the release of the food on your kitchen counter to avoid losing space on it.

Problem: You don’t know how to decorate your Carillon Lakes community house for a party.

What to do: Gather a few friends who have an eye for design and ask them to help out. Throw a string of lights over the family room or dining room to create an intimate setting without having candles take up space on the table. Use colorful and themed placemats or utensils. You can never go wrong with adding just a little pizzaz to your table presentation.

It will take a while to get the hang of it but pretty soon you’ll realize that all you need to do is to be wiser about the logistics of your party and be very organized from the start to the end. Soon enough, you’ll be hosting parties back and forth like a pro.

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