Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Carillon Lakes Homes (1/2)

I cannot overemphasize the importance of having your Carillon Lakes homes for sale thoroughly cleaned inside and out prior to listing. A thoroughly cleaned home will invite more buyers. Let them realize how much you took care of your beloved home by checking every nook and corner and making sure everything is clean and properly working. To avoid getting overwhelmed, tackle the tasks one at a time using the list below.

Check out this Spring cleaning checklist that will make your Carillon Lakes community home for sale attract more buyers!

Here is how you can go over cleaning the first 3 important parts of your home – the entrance, the kitchen, and the bedroom.


The entrance of your Carillon Lakes community homes is where buyers start building their first impression. Make sure they won’t be greeted by dust and dirty floors.

– Wash walls and scrub floors as needed, focusing on grout lines

– Check knobs and replace if defective

– Clean doors and entryways, repaint if needed

– Make sure lights are working and are dust-free


It isn’t impossible that your kitchen and kitchen appliances have accumulated lots of dirt and grime after all the cooking and food preparation. Your goal should be to bring its shine and sparkle back.

– Start with opening windows and cleaning blinds

– Move to walls and countertops

– Separately wipe and disinfect each appliances (oven, microwave, refrigerator, and others)

– Take out items in drawers so you can clean both items and drawers, replace when done

– Use vinegar and baking soda to clean sinks, then spot leaks and fix them

– Wash and mop floors last to remove stains and grime


Make your bedroom a stress-free room by removing all items that don’t belong there, tidying it up, and making sure that beds and linens are fresh and clean. Enjoying a good night sleep after attending fun Carillon Lakes community activities would be so rewarding if the room is clean and fresh.

– Start by wiping windows and baseboards

– Move on to dusting lights and furniture

– Open and clean closets then organize clothes

– Spray baking soda then vacuum mattress

– Move to mopping floors or vacuuming carpet

– Clean doors and make sure doorknobs are functioning properly

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These lists may look daunting but if you start early and keep your momentum this season, you’ll find that you can accomplish so much even with just a little help. Grab this opportunity to deep clean your homes for sale in Carillon Lakes to get more thumbs up for buyers. Watch out for the checklist on cleaning your living room, dining room and bathroom in our next article.

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