Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Carillon Lakes Community Home (2/2)

Whenever spring comes, people tend to get pumped up over cleaning their Carillon Lakes community homes. The breeze and the beauty of this season is truly inspirational. All you would ever need is time, effort, and a good old home cleaning checklist, just like the ones below.

Check out this best cleaning checklist for your living room, dining room, and bathroom!

Since we’ve tackled cleaning the entrance, kitchen and bedroom in our latest post, we would now share the best cleaning checklist for your living room, dining room, and bathroom:

Living Room

Make your living room, family room, or playroom a spot free venue of wonderful activities this season. This is a fairly big space and don’t get discouraged if you can’t do everything in one day. Use the list below to make cleaning your homes for sale in Carillon Lakes community more systematic:

– Follow the top to bottom and left to right approach so you don’t leave a space untouched. Give your ceiling, walls, windows, carpets and floors their much needed dusting, trimming, wiping, and vacuuming. In case you do not have time for cleaning, we recommend the carpet cleaning in Melbourne services.

– Move on to the bigger furniture. Vacuum sofa, wipe counters, tables, bookshelves, and TV. When cleaning wooden furniture, try the natural mix of olive oil or natural oils and lemon. If you cannot figure out the right mix, then you can reach out to the Best Pressure Washing Services from Super Kleen and have them clean your house.

– Clean lamps and lampshades. Now is a great time to check if you need to replace any bulbs.

– Dust your hanged decorations, mirrors, and photographs. Clean all the fans.

– Spring cleaning is also a good time for you to categorize the things inside your living room or family room. Are there DVDs, books, toys, or decorations that must be kept or thrown away? Put all these in boxes for disposal and neatly organize whatevers remaining.

– Often, people forget about electronic safety. Carefully label cords and wires of your gadgets and electronics and keep them out of sight. Don’t forget to disinfect all your remote controls too.

– And since it’s the season for fresh blooms, try adding a bit of color by adding fresh flowers in vases, just like what you often see in beautiful homes in http://www.LakelandFloridaLiving.com/.

Dining Room

Your dining room is a place for festivities and great moments over good food. Don’t let things get ruined by dust or grime. Use these checklist to cover all bases when cleaning:

– Start by cleaning your windows from the outside and the inside. Clean window sills too.

– Dust ceiling, scrub walls and floors. Since the dining area of your Carillon Lakes community home is a common victim of stains from food, take the time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the floor.

– Clean lights and switches

– Bring back the shine of your tables and chairs by wiping it down to the legs.

– Give your linens a much needed wash and then place fresh and clean ones.

– Let your china or silver wares add sparkle to your dining room by wiping and displaying them.

– Dust wall arts and framed photographs.

– In the mood for some pretty flowers and sweet smelling candles? Go ahead and add them as icing on the cake to your already sparkling dining room!


This might be one of the most difficult places to clean. And I’m sure you’re not alone in dreading to get down and dirty when deep cleaning your bathroom. But we got to do what we got to do. So here’s a list to help you be in total control of the task:

– Start by opening the doors and windows, and emptying all cabinets and drawers. Remove the shower curtain too.

– Make sure lights are clean and are in good condition.

– Clean windows, ceiling, and doors. Get rid of soap scum by following one of the natural ways we shared before.

– Scrub your walls, shower and bathtub. Polish all faucets and sinks.

– Wipe all the counters, mirrors, wall arts, as well as vanities and cabinets. Replace all items inside.

– Check the drainage and water system and see if any fixes need to be applied so everything is working properly.

– Move on to the toilet and make the task easier by removing the seat and then cleaning.

– Lastly, wash the floors and make it sparkly clean.

These comprehensive checklist will certainly help you in making sure that your home in the beautiful Carillon Lakes community is ready for spring. After you’ve done focusing on the interiors, go out and keep the momentum by dealing with cleaning and maintenance tasks on the exteriors. Doing so would ensure that your home is definitely clean inside and outside.

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