Top 4 Open House Questions for Carillon Lakes Community Homebuyers

Home buyers attending open houses in Carillon Lakes community usually feel uneasy when agents ask them questions. The problem is that it’s impossible to attend one and be completely invisible. So one way or another, you have to talk with the host, and when you do so, it’s best if you know what to expect so you remain respectful and at the same time careful in giving out too much information. Here’s a list of the questions all buyers should expect during open houses.

Check out these top 4 questions that will prepare you in a Carillon Lakes community open house.

  1. Do you already have an agent?

When agents ask you this question during an open house in Carillon Lakes community, don’t be weary. It is important for the seller’s agent to be clear on whether or not you have representation and who your agent is. Your agent can protect you since he or she will be the one contacted by the seller’s agent for feedback on the home. So go ahead and write your agent’s contact number when you sign in.

  1. How long have you been searching for a home?

Giving out this information cannot harm you or your home search. It just tells the agent, and later on the seller, how serious you are in your home search. It’s okay to mention if you saw the home online last week along with others you’ve seen when you visited Being truthful in your answer can help you later on when you are competing with other offers.

  1. What do you think of this home compared to others you’ve found?

It isn’t unlikely that there are other homes for sale in Carillon Lakes with open houses conducted by another agent. Your feedback on whether that other house you’ve seen the other day has more recent updates is alright to share. You are not hurting the agent’s feelings by telling the truth. On the contrary, you are helping the agent think of how to market the home better. This might even be an advantage for you later on, should the seller decide on upgrades and you get the home.

  1. What do you think about the home’s price?

When you hear this question, it doesn’t mean you have to answer very specifically. Giving out a sort of general feedback would be alright, if you can. But if you really haven’t gathered enough information or haven’t seen enough homes to compare it with, simply tell the agent that. It’s not impolite to say so since it is the truth.

So next time you head over a Carillon Lakes community homes for sale open house, be sure to mentally prepare yourself with the answers to these questions. To get more advice on house hunting, talk to your trusted agent.

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