Top 4 Possible Hidden Dangers in a Carillon Lakes Community Home

Danger is just around the corner. In fact, they can even be right inside your Carillon Lakes community home. Sometimes they are obvious, but most of the time, they can be perfectly hidden in plain sight that you won’t even suspect they are there. The good thing is that many of the hidden dangers of our homes can actually be prevented if dealt with at once.

Make your Carillon Lakes community home safe! Check out this list of possible hidden risks in you home and avoid it.

Statistics have shown that thousands of people get affected and even get killed because of residential fires. The number of people poisoned by carbon monoxide is also significant. Prevention is key to decreasing these numbers. Here are other hazards you can find in the home and how you avoid them.

  1. Carbon Monoxide

Known as a silent killer, this poisonous gas is colorless, tasteless, and more importantly, odorless. It can potentially kill both animals and humans who might be exposed to it indoors. It generally comes from fumes of stoves, fireplaces, gas ranges, grills, and cars. It can be so common that about 400 Americans are killed by this gas yearly.

What you can do is proper maintenance. Regularly check your systems and appliances that can potentially produce carbon monoxide. Make sure everything is working fine and replace or repair as needed. Installing a carbon monoxide detector is also a great prevention step. But the most important thing is to remember to immediately go to the doctor if you feel light headed and suspect that you have been exposed to the harmful gas.

  1. Molds

You might think that an ordinary mold build up you see in Carillon Lakes community homes for sale is harmless. But you have to be aware that there are kinds of molds which can be toxic. They can be causes for several lung problems, headaches, depression, and even cancer. The worse thing about molds is that they can grow from 24-48 hours when there’s moisture and sources for food. They can feed on your wood, paper, paint, dust, oil, or cotton. They can multiply even more because of your cooling or heating system.

Maintaining your home’s humidity level below 50% is an effective way to stop molds from thriving. You can use humidifiers for this. Cleaning is also one of the most effective way to prevent them from forming. Pay attention to your bathroom, tub, and shower surfaces. Include your roof gutters and windows. Generally, keeping rooms clean and well ventilated to avoid moisture build up could keep them away.

  1. Chemicals and cleaning products

I’m pretty sure that a lot of you have chemicals at home which you use to keep it looking spotless and clean, much like those homes you see in But have you ever thought how deadly these chemicals can be to your family? Little children are most commonly affected by these health hazards. The lovely smell and bright colors of your cleaners make them irresistible to those little hands.

The best way to keep children from ingesting your kitchen and bathroom cleaners is to place them high and away from children’s reach, instead of keeping them in usual places like under the kitchen sink. Baby proofing your home is also important if you have an infant in the home. Lastly, educating your toddlers and putting labels or danger marks on your cleaning products reduces the risk of poisoning through these chemicals.

  1. Causes of house fires

According to the American Red Cross, about 7 people die each day due to house fires. The common causes of house fires are cooking, smoking, decorative lighting, and electrical wiring. Sometimes, the cause is as simple as leaving a kitchen unattended while something is cooking. It can also be leaving your beloved holiday decorations even after the holidays. Other times, the problem is caused by a more complicated power related problem. Overuse of outlets or faulty wiring may cause unimaginable damages when left unresolved.

Safety must be our first priority when we are at our homes in Carillon Lakes community. For most of these cases, being reminded of safety precautions is necessary. For instance, we all know smoking indoors is dangerous so we have to be conscious in avoiding it. But for some cases, like electrical problems we can’t solve on our own, calling an expert immediately can make all the difference.

Even the most perfect looking Carillon Lakes community home for sale can have one of these hidden dangers. But it doesn’t mean they can’t be spotted or avoided. Most of the time, awareness and prevention are the two main protection of homeowners in keeping their families safe.

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