Top 5 Things Not Covered by a Carillon Lakes Community Home Insurance

The home is a large financial investment. To protect it, most Americans purchase a homeowners’ insurance. However, no matter how extensive or fully loaded your Carillon Lakes community home’s insurance policy is, chances are there are still some gaps and hidden voids that these don’t cover. To avoid getting caught in disastrous situations and not having the right policy for the damages, check out a list of the common things that aren’t included in your current plan:

Know what's not covered by your Carillon Lakes community home insurance now!

  1. Flooding. A common exclusion in your insurance coverage are the damages incurred during a flood. While you may think that “it rarely floods in this area,” it’s always best to get the necessary protection just in case. You wouldn’t really know what will happen until it happens to you so always be prepared even for the most unexpected situations.
  1. Sewer backup. Much like the damage caused by flooding, sewer backup issues are not covered in a standard insurance policy for homeowners. Some of sewer pipes in the country have aged to up to 100 years old, making it fragile and dangerous for homes within the area. When a sewer backs up into your home, you may incur damage to your walls, floors, furniture, and even your electrical systems. So as much as you can, look for extra insurance that can cover the damages caused by sewer backup.
  1. Mold. This health hazard can cause a lot of damage not just to your home but to you and your family as well. While molds occur naturally, the wrong type of mold can be really dangerous. The coverage of an insurance for a home in Carillon Lakes community when it comes to mold actually varies with its origin. If you suddenly have a burst pipe, you may experience molding when the spores from the water leak get embedded behind your drywall. If it’s something you can address right away and just occurred recently, then you’re probably covered for it. However, if during a remodeling project at home you find mold, then you as the homeowner will have to shoulder the cost of the removal.
  1. Termites. A whopping $5 billion worth of damages caused by termites is acquired by US homeowners alone on average, for a year. You might think that your extensive policy covers these but unfortunately, homeowners’ insurance does not extend the coverage for termites. What you can do, however, is to talk to a REALTOR® in Carillon Lakes community and ask for advice where you can get in touch with a trusted home inspector or a pest removal service. These people can help provide you the necessary protection for these pests.
  1. Pools. When it comes to pool-related injuries and structural damage, your policy most probably does not include pool coverage. What you can do is to talk to your insurance provider and inquire about the added limit on your policy.

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