Top 6 Tricks to Conceal Flaws in Your Carillon Lakes Home

For a home seller, it is crucial that homes for sale in Carillon Lakes Community look amazing not just in photos but also during showing. In reality though, we all know we don’t have perfect homes. Flaws, unappealing features, and dysfunctional appliances are just some of the things that make us give up hope on buyers seeing our homes in a beautiful perspective.

Show your Carillon Lakes community home for sale's best features. Check out how!

If you plan to sell your home, follow these tips to cover its flaws and redirect buyers’ attention to where it should be – your home’s best features.

Clean and deodorize

You’ll never go wrong with a squeaky clean home. An old home which has been well cleaned and organized is a lot better than a new home which is so dirty and disorganized inside and out. So make it a point to deep clean your home before anything else. While you’re at it, find ways to keep it smelling clean too.

Hide ugly floors using beautiful and bold rugs

Sometimes your floors are not exactly picture perfect. If you want buyers to avoid noticing your ugly floors, give your Carillon Lakes home for sale a little facelift by adding a large rug with beautiful design.

Contrast dull walls with bright furniture

Of course, the best way to revamp a dull wall is to repaint it or to use lovely wallpapers. But in times when you cannot repaint your home’s walls to make it less dull, you can trust in your furniture and interior decorating skills to help. Use bright colored furniture that would catch anyone’s attention to draw the eyes away from the walls. Be careful to overdo it though. You would still want buyers to envision themselves living in your home so use limited furniture with great visible impact.

Use darker color paint to hide very high ceilings

Some homes have high ceilings, and this isn’t always good, especially when the ceiling is too high it feels like it’s a church. Try to use a paint color that’s a bit darker than your walls to create an illusion of lower walls. Try looking at homes in to see how sellers have worked on using paint to make their homes look better.

Cover unattractive windows

You may use window treatments to deal with unattractive windows or those without a pretty view. Explore different options that would beautify the room such as floor length blinds. You may also install higher drapery panels to make small windows seem big.

Fix or replace lighting source

Light is a very important element. When you have the wrong lights at the wrong places, your homes in Carillon Lakes community could look really depressing instead of inviting. Use light fixtures that go with your home’s design and that would highlight great features. Replace old bulbs with new ones so buyers won’t think your home is not maintained.

It is not that difficult to distract homebuyers so they don’t notice the imperfections of your home. You just have to be creative, know your Carillon Lakes community home’s selling points and use the tips above to highlight those features.

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