Top 8 Design Ideas for Your Carillon Lakes Community Home

Been dreaming of transforming your home into one that’s worthy of a full feature on a modern home or interior design magazine? Worried about the decorating expenses? Revamping your home in Carillon Lakes community doesn’t have to be a costly affair.

Restore the beauty of your home in Carillon Lakes community and follow these amazing tips!

Here are 8 affordable ways to spruce up your home:

  1. Replace that paint. This is by far the fastest way give any room at the house a new look. You can either use a high-contrast color to accent a wall or go bananas white paint – paint the walls, floors, cabinets, etc.
  1. Beautify your bookshelves and other storage areas. If painting an entire wall over or wallpapering the entire room is too much, consider revamping your storage units instead. There’s nothing like a revamped bookcase or freshly-painted kitchen shelves to add a classy feel to your house in Carillon Lakes community.
  1. Control your clutter. There’s nothing like a messy space to take your daily stress limit over the top. Find small areas where you can place repurposed wood cubbies or one of the cheap modular storage units made by Modular Home Buildler. Whenever you get home from work, you’ll be thankful to have a place to just drop all those knick knacks and keep your room looking more clean and organized.
  1. Place Christmas lights on a clear jar. Give your home in the Carillon Lakes community a bespoke feel by using white Christmas lights in a jar instead of costly table lamp. It adds to the ambience of your space plus it’s an instant conversation piece in your next dinner party.
  1. Update your welcome mat. Give your plain mats or rugs a makeover by stenciling in some welcome words. You can go for fun puns or the simple Welcome to Our Home will do, too.
  1. Hang DIY artworks. Not everyone can shell out millions for a painting by the masters. So while you’re saving up for your very own Picasso, why not hang up DIY artworks instead? Scour flea markets for vintage frames and paint and hang them on their own. You can also enclose a mirror in the vintage frame or turn it into your very own corkboard in the kitchen. Another thing you can do is hang up vintage collectibles and old tin signs if you’re someone who appreciates the vintage or retro aesthetic.
  1. Revamp your dining chairs. Depending on your skill set, it’s relatively easy to turn your old, boring, wooden dining chairs into classy, re-upholstered furniture to add a bespoke feel to your Carillon Lakes community home.
  1. Replace overhead lighting with chandeliers from the thrift store. This one is tricky but totally worth it. Find a cheap chandelier at a thrift store or a flea market and paint it in your choice of color and add extra crystals on it before hanging up. Just make sure that you have a trusted electrician on site before installing this at home.

Give your home a fresh look without breaking a sweat or without having to break your piggy bank. A magazine-worthy home isn’t as hard to dream into life. Just invest in a few sturdy, quality pieces and let your imagination go free.

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