The Pros and Cons of Buying a Fixer-Upper

working on fixer upper home

So…you’ve decided to move. That’s great! But wait—not so fast. Making the decision to move is just the first step in your journey to buying your next home. What? Can’t I just browse the home listings and pick one? Nope! Well, technically you could, but choosing a house without considering… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of a Rent-to-Own Home

Are you wanting to buy a home but are not quite ready to commit? Or perhaps you want to buy a home, but don’t have enough money for the down payment just yet.  In these instances, opting for turnkey rental property or a rent-to-own home seems like the most obvious… Read more »

Should I Still Buy A Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Home buying benefits during coronavirus

These are uncertain times and with uncertain times, we will all have to adjust to doing things a bit differently for a while. However, there is no reason to panic regardless of what is happening. Yes, you might feel there is reason to panic, but what will panic really do… Read more »

10 Purchases to Make After Buying a Home

Tips on what to purchase after buying a home

You just bought a Lakeland home, congratulations! Now that you’ve achieved this huge life milestone, it’s time to think about how you will outfit your new place.  After spending money on your house, you’re likely going to be more conscious about how much you’re spending on those home accessories. Still,… Read more »

Home Warranty Coverage: What Exactly Do Home Warranties Cover?

Home warranties offer a kind of protection for your home that complements standard homeowner’s insurance. However, while this coverage can be extremely useful, it might also be a waste of money. The difference lies in the type of plan you choose and the reliability of the provider. Therefore, it’s essential… Read more »

What Documents Are Needed When Applying for a Mortgage?

Prepare for Mortgage Application

Are you ready to buy a home? I’ll bet you’re pretty excited…right? But wait…not so fast.  You’ll need to try your best not to put the cart before the horse. While buying a new home is exciting, it’s also a long journey that’s going to require your active participation if you… Read more »

Should I Buy A Home Directly From The Listing Agent?

Should I use the listing agent to buy a home

One of the first questions buyers generally have is “Should I buy a home directly from the listing agent?” That’s a very good question and one that, if you don’t know the answer, could result in a big—huge mistake! OK, so what are you saying? Well, we’re saying that, first… Read more »

Should I Buy A Home This Year or Wait?

buying a home six factors to consider

Deciding whether to buy a home this year or wait is a tough decision, because you never know what the future holds. However, if you think about it, how many times have you listened to “experts” who make a prediction about the housing market and it never comes to pass?… Read more »