10 Purchases to Make After Buying a Home

You just bought a Lakeland home, congratulations! Now that you’ve achieved this huge life milestone, it’s time to think about how you will outfit your new place. 

10 Tips to Purchase After Buying a Home

After spending money on your house, you’re likely going to be more conscious about how much you’re spending on those home accessories. Still, there are things you definitely want to make sure you have. Without a list of things you need and want, you’ll find yourself forgetting about some necessities.

To help put your mind at ease and prioritize your personal list, the following are some much-needed items you should purchase for your new home.

1. Paint

This is your home. You want to do everything you can to make it fresh and make it yours. Paint allows you to accomplish both of these things. Purchasing some fresh paint to coat the walls is one of the very first things you should do before moving your things into the house. 

Even if you plan on keeping the colors the same, it’s a good idea to touch and freshen things up with some new paint first thing. There are bound to be some scrapes and dings in the walls from the previous owners that could use a little patching to look brand new. Or you can use this as an opportunity, before all of your things are inside, to choose your own colors and transform the space with your own preferences. 

Before choosing your home’s paint colors, you should take the area into consideration. A room with few windows will bring in less natural light and thus you’ll want a lighter color on the walls so the space doesn’t feel so enclosed. Darker colors on the walls will make your room feel smaller, especially if it’s all four walls painted that dark color. One solution is to use that dark color on one wall and turn it into an accent wall that’ll really make a statement.

2. Door Hardware

Another of the very first things you should do and purchase before moving your belongings into your new home is some new door hardware from composite door Bristol. This doesn’t mean you need to replace all of your doors. Instead this means you should be replacing all of the lockable door handles that lead in and out of your house. 

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This purchase is for your peace of mind and security. Just in case the previous owner did not turn in all their key copies, or they had forgotten that they gave a copy to someone, this will ensure that the only person who can get into your house is you. 

Once you’ve installed all new locks on all of your home access doors, you can go and have key copies made. This way you’ll have extras and can give one to a trusted family member or friend so they can get inside your home in the case of an emergency.

3. Home Security System

An additional purchase you can make to prioritize your safety in your new house is a home security system. But there are so many options and companies out there that it can be difficult to decide between them. 

Compare the different home security system options so you can choose which will work best for you and your needs. No matter your age or family size, your home is your place and somewhere you should feel secure at all times. A security system will take away the ‘what if’s’ and give your peace of mind an extra boost. 

4. Storage Bins

If you don’t already have a bunch of storage bins at your disposal, then now is a great time to invest in them for your home. These will come in handy in so many ways and will help you keep your new space as organized as possible. 

Storage bins are great for seasonal decor and other items that aren’t on display or used for the majority of the year. This way things are kept together and in one place so they’re easy to find when they’re needed. You can also utilize them for seasonal apparel so your closet isn’t jam-packed all year round. 

They also make for a great place to keep places like your garage organized and clutter-free. You can use one to store chemicals to prevent spills and another to keep any car cleaning materials in one place. Label the outside of any storage containers you buy so there’s no guessing what it’s being used for and so you can easily locate anything you’re looking for. 

5. A New Mattress

Your new home should be a place of peace and coziness for you, so you want to make sure you have everything you have to find comfort there. One of the most critical places you need to make as comfortable as possible is your bedroom, and this all starts with your mattress. More than likely, you have a mattress from your previous residence, but really take a look at it before you bring it into your new place. 

Moving, especially without the correct equipment, can expose your mattress to toxins. These can come in the form of weird stains that weren’t there before, allergens or other motes and pollutants. With this in mind, you should consider buying a new mattress that can be expertly delivered to your new house. This way it is moved correctly and without exposure to those toxins that can harm your health and ability to sleep well.

6. Appliances

There are so many appliances needed within a home. If you are coming from an apartment, you’ll likely not have these home necessities yet. After you’ve purchased your home, it’s a good idea to go appliance shopping. 

10 Purchases to Make After Buying a Home

The vast majority of your appliances will be for the kitchen. Here, you’ll need a trustworthy refrigerator, stove, microwave and toaster oven at minimum. If there’s room in your budget you can also opt for a dishwasher.

Outside of your kitchen, you should also invest in a washer and dryer for your laundry room. When you go appliance shopping, many stores will have a free delivery to offer. This means you won’t have to worry about moving these heavy items yourself and risk damaging them, or your new home in the process. 

7. New Kitchenware

Especially if your Lakeland home means you’ve just purchased your first house, you’ll want to think about your kitchen. Before this, you may have had inexpensive and mismatched dishes, bowls and silverware. Now that you’re a homeowner, you want to make sure that you have sets of kitchenware that you can pull out for gatherings; whether they’re just parties or you take over hosting a holiday. 

You want your kitchenware to compliment the interior design of your kitchen and dining room. A modern look should accompany kitchenware that has sleek designs, while one with a more rustic feel should utilize kitchenware with rounded edges.

Color should also come into play here. There are not only plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from when picking out your kitchenware but also color palettes to take into consideration. Always opt for colors that complement one another and mesh with the interior of your kitchen and dining room. Keeping these tips in mind will help make your space feel cohesive and more welcoming to guests. 

8. A Reliable Vacuum

There are so many different vacuum cleaners on the market. Yes, it’s easy to just opt for the cheapest one you can find, but that’s not always the best option for you. Different vacuums have different capabilities and strengths, so you should be taking into consideration what you need most and find the best vacuum for your needs

Carpeting is going to call for a different type and strength than hardwood floors will. If your home has multiple floors, you’ll likely want to make sure to have a lightweight vacuum that you can easily carry up and downstairs. 

Investing in a reliable vacuum that meets your home’s needs will mean you’re getting the quality of use you need and expect when cleaning your home. Otherwise, you’ll find areas of your home are still dirty, which will only continue to build up as time passes. 

9. Extension Cords

There are some things that you won’t know you need until the time arises and you don’t have whatever that is. Extension cords are one of those items. That’s why you should make sure you have plenty of them on hand. 

When going to buy them, make sure you’re getting a variety of lengths so you aren’t stuck with a shorter one when you need a long cord. You should also ensure that you’re buying cords that are usable both indoors and outdoors, that way you have the versatility you need. 

10. Window Treatments

Before you take residence in your new home, you will want to have window treatments up on all your windows. This is important for both your personal privacy, as well as your new home’s security. 

You do have some options here. Outfit your windows with blinds or curtains that can be opened or shut depending on how much privacy you need at any given time. Without these window treatments, anyone outside your home will be able to see inside. This poses a threat to your personal privacy since outsiders can see whatever you’re doing in your home. It also poses a threat to your home’s security for the same reason; outsiders who can clearly see into your home can see what belongings you have in there and if anyone’s home. That is why having these window treatments in place before or shortly after you move in is so important. 

Whichever route you decide to go within your window treatments, it doesn’t have to be boring. Think of this as an additional opportunity to add personality through your home’s decor. Curtains particularly come in plenty of colors and patterns for you to choose from, giving you an ample chance to add to your home design. These outdoor blinds also add fun personality depending on the direction they move and how they hang. 

Next Steps

You’re now a homeowner! This is such an exciting time in your life, but it can also be extremely overwhelming. After buying your home, you need to prioritize everything you need in order to properly outfit it. These are some of the necessary first purchases and projects you should tackle. This is your house after all, now it’s time to make it a home.  

About the author: The above real estate article “10 Purchases to Make After Buying a Home” was written by Petra Norris of Lakeland Real Estate Group, Inc.  With over 20 years of combined experience of selling or buying, we would love to share our knowledge and expertise. Petra can be reached via email at petra@petranorris.com or by phone at 863-712-4207

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