Selling Your Home To Millennials

Selling Your Home To Millennials

Who’s buying the most homes in today’s real estate market? You might be surprised to know it’s millennials! Once holding out on buying a home because of the recession they went through in their early adulthood millennials have now found new confidence in the market. They are starting families of… Read more »

Pre-Marketing Your Home During The Holiday Season

Pre-Marketing Ideas During the Holidays

Are you on the fence about putting your home on the market during the Holiday Season? Consider pre-marketing your home during the holiday season Welcome to Pre-Marketing your Home During the Holiday Season What is home pre-marketing? It allows you, the home seller, to market your home BEFORE it is… Read more »

5 Tips to Sell your Home During the Holidays

Tips Selling Home During Holidays

5 Tips to Sell your Home During the Holidays You may be wondering “Should I sell my home during the holidays?”  Perhaps you think it’s better to wait until the New Year or springtime to sell your home. Of course, choosing a time to sell your home is a matter… Read more »

Lakeland FL | Why Sell Now Instead of Later? The Buyers are Out Now

Marketing Lakeland Fl homes

Lakeland FL |Why Sell Now Instead of Later? The Buyers are Out Now In the Lakeland Florida area, buyer confidence remains strong with some changes on the price level buyers searching for homes in today’s real estate market. In and around Lakeland Highlands 33813 zip code, home prices have risen… Read more »

Selling Home By Owner | FSBO Tips

Selling a Home By Owner | FSBO Tips

Selling Home By Owner | FSBO Tips Selling home by owner in the Lakeland area is not for the faint of heart but if you’re prepared to face some significant challenges head on, it could work for you. Of course, if you find yourself in a situation you are not… Read more »

Selling Homes – My Home Is Not Selling – Why?

Why is my Lakeland FL home not selling?

Selling Homes My Home is not selling was the question of a homeowner to me in an email recently whose home is listed with another agent.  He asked me for tips on why the home is not selling.  This is not uncommon in the real estate industry.  In my daily market… Read more »

Top 4 Most Common Home Designing Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid Home Designing Mistakes If you want to impress buyers looking for Lakeland FL real estate, you should know how to create the home of their dream. One way of doing that is by avoiding common home design mistakes. When it comes to dealing with interior design, you do not… Read more »

How Do You Market Homes for Sale?

Marketing Lakeland Fl homes

How do you market homes for sale is a question we are being often asked by Lakeland home sellers. In fact, at my latest listing appointment the home owner asked me this very question, and cited the fact that we are a small brokerage firm as a reason. How Do… Read more »