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I look forward to Sunday mornings getting up having a cup of coffee and listening to the radio while reading the Sunday paper.  I listen to 97 Country, a very popular local radio station here in Lakeland FL and throughout Central Florida.  Sunday mornings segments are always filled with local happenings throughout Lakeland FL and the surrounding cities of Polk County.  Just about on any given Sunday morning, the talk show host asked his guests who have moved to Lakeland recently or years ago, how they came to Lakeland FL.  The latest guest replied by saying that a police officer from another town told her that Lakeland FL would be his recommendation to raise children because it is a family oriented city.

Time and time again, this conversation comes up about Lakeland FL and that it is a great place to live and what a great place to raise children. Lakeland is not a boring city, there is always things to do around Lakeland throughout the year, from First Fridays to the many festivals held downtown Lakeland and throughout the city of Lakeland all year around.

Parents are always concerned about sending their kids to the best schools.  Lakeland has some of the best schools in Florida, from many A-rated public elementary, middle and high schools that include magnet schools and charter schools to fantastic private schools, to Florida Virtual School. Sports and Arts are plenty to choose from, no matter what part of town you choose to live in.

The parks throughout Lakeland from Lake Bonney and Lake Parker to the Diogi Dog park located in the Carter Road County Park are filled with recreational activities for the whole family to enjoy.  The playgrounds at for children with all abilities is a favorite for children. The Sunflower Preschool Playground near Barnett Park is the newest addition for two to five year olds.  Parents just love this play ground because it is located adjacent to another playground for older children.  So while you watch your three year old you can have an eye on your older children enjoying climbing, swinging and playing with other children.

If you consider relocating to Lakeland FL, there are plenty of homes for sale in various price ranges and with over 1500 Lakeland FL Homes for Sale your options are endless.  By clicking on this icon below, you will have the opportunity to search for a home without registering.  Searching for homes for sale in Lakeland, FL is easy with search categories such as price range, location, size and type.

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