Lakeland FL Best Place For Families | A Family Oriented City

I look forward to Sunday mornings getting up having a cup of coffee and listening to the radio while reading the Sunday paper.  I listen to 97 Country, a very popular local radio station here in Lakeland FL and throughout Central Florida.  Sunday mornings segments are always filled with local… Read more »

Lakeland Florida Homes for Sale

Lakeland Fl has a wide variety of homes for sale with different price ranges and styles. Moving into your new home is absolutely hassle-free if you purchase a regular Lakeland Florida home for sale that is not distressed, since you negotiate directly with the owner. No need to worry about… Read more »

Plenty of Lakeland FL Houses for Sale in Every Price Range

You came to the right place! Lakeland Florida has an abundance of homes for sale in every price range and style. The growing population of Lakeland, which is also the largest city in Polk County, reached almost 94,000 in July 2009.  The size of Lakeland measures about 74 square miles.… Read more »

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Legacy is Lakeland’s Treasure

I love Lakeland, Florida.  I’ve lived here for years – working as a Lakeland real estate professional – and it seems that there’s something new to enjoy all the time.  Though my family and I enjoy all that the city has to offer, I think we’d all agree that Lakeland’s… Read more »