End of Summer Things to do in Lakeland FL

End of Summer Things to do in Lakeland FL

Lakeland  Fl real estate brokerSome of us are saying where has this summer gone while others are looking forward to the start of a new school year so that our kids have something to occupy their time. In the last few weeks before the school starts you may be thinking what are some fun things I can do with my children in Lakeland FL before the school year gets off to a start.  With the summer budgets already spent on family vacations, school supplies, and clothes you may be looking for a cost friendly outing for your children.

There are many things to do to wrap up a great summer. Go catch a movie at one of the great movie theaters at Lakeside Village and follow it up with Ice Cream at Coldstone Creamery, which is located right outside of the Cobb Theater or if you are feeling creative stop by Yogurt Mountain at Books-A-Million.  Why not take the kids bowling! On a warm day the splash pad near Hollis Gardens is a great place for the little ones to cool off and play outside at the Sunflower Playground.

There are also events going on at the Lakeland Library that are free and don’t require any registration. They have Storytime on Tuesdays at 10 am that is ideal for children four to five year old. This program runs for six weeks with a two-week break. For those children ages two to three years old the Library has Toddler Time on Wednesdays at 10 am with the same schedule of six weeks on with two weeks off. And if you are looking for something for the littlest ones in the family, the library offers a program for children ages six months to eighteen months called Mother Goose time on Thursdays at 11 am. All these programs take place at the main Library on Lake Morton Drive in Lakeland, FL.

The Library has also been hosting a program for children ages 7-12 called, “A Step Back in Time: American Girl Program 2012”. While this program has been going on all year you can call Miss Kitty at 834-4275 to register for the events which happen on the 2nd Saturday of the Month at 2pm. During these events the children will learn about the American Girls during the specific time period of the doll. During each Saturday the children will work on activity sheets as they learn about the story of our country. For the remainder of the year they will be learning about the American Girls for the early 1900-1970s.

These are just a few fun things to do within Lakeland Florida to help wrap up a fun summer on a small budget. There are always events to go and something to do in and around Lakeland, FL that is wallet friendly.  All we have to do is do a quick Internet search to find the most up to date events taking place in our wonderful community. Hey and if you are feeling adventurous and want to be outdoors try the Lake-to-Lake Bicycle Trail which runs from Lake John to Lake Parker.

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