Top 5 Things Carillon Lakes Community Homebuyers Miss to Check

Because home buying is a thrilling experience where you can get drowned in new vocabularies, stressed  by negotiations, and pre-occupied by fear of not getting your dream home, it is easy to miss a couple of things when inspecting homes for sale in Carillon Lakes Community. May the following list… Read more »

For the Love of Lakeland – Living in Lakeland Florida

Best place to live - Lakeland FL

As a Realtor working in Lakeland, I am pleased to provide you an overview of my hometown I’ve grown to love, along with current Lakeland homes for sale from the Multiple Listing Service as you scroll down. There’s a good reason why #LoveLakeland is a popular hashtag on social media.… Read more »

Summer Camp 2013 – Lakeland FL

Summer Camp 2013 – Lakeland FL School ends June 5, 2013 in Lakeland Florida and the surrounding cities in Polk County and for most parents the search for summer camps is in high gear.  Let me provide you with a few examples of what is being offered.  There are many… Read more »

Lakeland Florida – “Lake Morton” a beautiful lake with charm

Lakeland FL – Taking A Stroll Around Lake Morton Lake Morton is one of the 38 natural lakes in Lakeland FL. The immaculate spherical 40-acre Lake Morton is just a short distance away from downtown, a selection of its 1 mile shoreline was restored with rock material to prevent erosion and planting… Read more »

Choosing the Ideal Lakeland Fl Neighborhood

Neighborhoods in Lakeland Fl are just as varied and diverse as the people residing in them. From older neighborhoods with tree-lined streets to close knits neighborhoods, there’s always one to suit any taste. Some Lakeland Fl homebuyers prefer neighborhoods offering plenty of amenities such as community pools and parks. Others… Read more »

Annual Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival 2012 – Lakeland FL

The annual Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival takes place around Lake Mirror and in the Downtown Lakeland Florida area on October 19 – 21, 2012. Best of all – it’s free! In it’s 13th year, this is one of my favorite events drawing a crowd of about 35,000 people wandering… Read more »

End of Summer Things to do in Lakeland FL

End of Summer Things to do in Lakeland FL Some of us are saying where has this summer gone while others are looking forward to the start of a new school year so that our kids have something to occupy their time. In the last few weeks before the school… Read more »

Why People Choose to Buy a Home in Lakeland Florida?

Why People Choose to Buy a Home in Lakeland Florida? A lot of first-time homeowners often make the mistake of considering only the house and not the surroundings or location that comes with it. Homes and their locations will always be intertwined; you can’t have one or the other. If… Read more »

Beautiful Mute Swan Nesting In Lakeland FL Lake Morton

Beautiful Mute Swan Nesting In Lakeland FL Lake Morton Swans are one of the most visible features of Lakeland’s most visible lakes, such as Lake Morton, Lake Mirror, Lake Hollingsworth and Lake Wire. Lakeland has become a representation of swans as they appear everywhere in town, such as in store… Read more »