Things To Do In Lakeland FL – Silver Moon Drive In Theater

Silver Moon Drive In Theater – Lakeland Florida

Looking for something fun things to do this weekend on a budget in Lakeland Florida? Why not go see a movie? Some would say absolutely not because the cost to go see a movie in a regular theater is at an all time high and if you want anything to drink or to snack on. However, a fantastic option is the Silver Moon Drive In Theater in Lakeland FL. If you have never had the experience of going to a drive in theater you are in for a treat.

One of the great things about Silver Moon Drive In Theater is the cost. One dollar for kids ages four to nine and four dollars for all those ages ten and over. The tickets are for entry into the theater and there is a double feature on both screens sometimes a triple if you really want to enjoy a late night out. Most of the movies The Silver Moon shows are newer releases while also playing some of the classics. There are two different screens to choose from and each screen has a different movie. Movie goers can choose to either use their own car radio to tune into the movies or chose to use the in car speakers the theater offers for your convenience. They also offer great concessions including the favorites of pizza, popcorn, and candy.

Lakeland FL Silver Moon Drive In Theater first opened in April of 1948 and it was the first Drive in theater in Lakeland with admission costs of just 35 cents. However in May of 1950 a Tornado ruined much of the Silver Moon Theater and their screens. After just a few short months of being closed, the Silver Moon reopened with a new screen in July of 1950. In 1952 the Theater was sold and the new owner built the concession stand and the sign that still stands today. To see some of the pictures of the Silver Moon through the years stop by the concession stand when you go to see a movie with your family.

The Silver Moon is not just about watching movies they also have a flea market, “Swap Shop”, open on Saturday and Sunday free to the public and a vendor fee of 5 dollars on Saturday and 14 dollars on Sunday. Don’t forget to check their website either for some fun filled events happening throughout the year.

The theater is located on 4100 New Tampa Highway as you pass the big Publix birthday cake the Drive-In theater is located on the left side. You may also call them at (863) 682-0849. Lakeland is the place to be when you are looking for things to do.

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