Lakeland Florida – “Lake Morton” a beautiful lake with charm

Lakeland FL – Taking A Stroll Around Lake Morton

Lake Morton is one of the 38 natural lakes in Lakeland FL. The immaculate spherical 40-acre Lake Morton is just a short distance away from downtown, a selection of its 1 mile shoreline was restored with rock material to prevent erosion and planting aquatic vegetation along the shoreline. Lake Morton is the home of the world-famous swans  and its history that involves a little girl and the Queen of England, along with birds, ducks, geese, white pelicans, and other species.  Remember, while driving around Lake Morton, keep in mind that swans, geese and ducks do have the right of way. 

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Panoramic View of Lake Morton in Lakeland FL

Recently Lakeland FL has been named a bicycle friendly community. You can use your bike and ride from lake-to-lake which not only includes Lake Morton, but Lake Mirror, Lake Hollingsworth, Lake Wire, Lake Hunter and Lake Beula as well. I recommend this to be also a great way of things to do during the summer when the kids are out off school.  Biking is a great exercise for the whole family to enjoy.

Mayfaire-by-the-lake which is an art show with music, entertainment and food that is staged annually around Lake Morton and brings people here from all over Central Florida.  Equipped with my camera on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I took a stroll around Lake Morton and took pictures of art, people, animals and of course Lake Morton.

If you happen to be driving through or into Lakeland FL, stop by at Lake Morton, which is centrally located just South on Massachusetts Avenue. Give yourself a break and enjoy the picturesque lake and the surrounding wild life.  It is also a great summer spot for families and children enjoying a picnic, feed the ducks or taking pictures.  

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