Lakeland FL Mayoral Candidates Answer Questions by its Citizens

Lakeland FL voters go to the poll November 1st and vote for a new major.

Three mayor candidates came together to kick off Lakeland Florida mayoral race recently discussing issues related to downtown Lakeland and homeless, as well as taking questions from the forum of about 100 Lakeland citizens. Businessman Elliot Dorsch, Commissioner Jim Verplanck and Commissioner Gow Fields all agreed on the problems with downtown Lakeland; however all have different views on resolving or improving these issues.

Candidates answer questions raised by Lakeland citizens

Lakeland citizens had questions and concerns of their own. Discussions relating to downtown Lakeland and homelessness were very interesting and broad. The last part of this session were questions raised by Lakeland residents on the following very interesting topics:

  • Leadership
  • Downtown Parking
  • Lakeland Linder Airport
  • Building Height Restriction for Downtown Lakeland
  • New Lakeland brand outsourcing to an outside company
  • Lakeland service to its citizens, i.e. utilities, solid wastes, public works, parks and recreation
  • Arts and cultural affairs, i.e. red light cameras
  • Revitalizing other areas in Lakeland
  • Lakeland citizens support survey

The next mayor we vote has a big shoe to fill – this 73 minute video brought by The Ledger is well worth the time for you starting to form your best choice. Check out this video – comments are welcome!

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  1. Bobbie says:

    URGENT When I came out of Orlando this afternoon, I saw an inordinate amount of traffic when we drove past Lakeland. We arrived in Tampa about 7 o’clock. Please find out what party is being held there or in Orlando. The people who organized it, if they are the people planning, were involved in a tragic accident in Orlando in February, I believe. They really should not be allowed to have other parties in the area. Best regards. Bobbie

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