Living In Lakeland Florida

Living in Lakeland Florida

When it comes to moving to and living in Lakeland Florida, especially for parents of school age children, a move is a difficult decision to make. Parents are mostly concerned about schools, activities, and neighborhoods just to name a few.  Having raised two daughters of my own, I’ve heard them say, “Lakeland is boring”.  I’ll bet children say that in every town.  For the most part kids growing up here, they always think there is not much to do but what I have come to learn is when compared to other locations I have visited there is plenty of choices in and around Lakeland, FL.

It wasn’t until I had the chance to see other cities around the country that I realized with all Lakeland, FL has to offer our kids can literally do anything they set their mind to. We have an array of theme parks to entertain any age group for a few days. We have free parks around the area to take our kids to and still not visit the same park twice in one week because each park comes with its own amenities. Our children have a choice to where they want to learn and focus their education. Many of these things don’t exist in other cities, states, or even countries unless you have the money to afford it, which makes living in Lakeland Florida a top spot.

One of the tough choices parents make when moving to a new area is where to live since every parent wants the best for the child so therefore one very common question is what is the best school district to live in. Here in Lakeland just like every other Florida city we have our zoned public schools all of which have their own attributes, which others may not demonstrate. However if you decide to move to an area because you love the house but do not want your child to attend the zoned school for one reason or another you have the option to enroll your child in one of the other types of schools Lakeland has to offer. Private schools, Montessori schools, Charter schools, and Magnet schools, Lakeland has them all. Schools where your child can gain more of a focus on the Math and Sciences or schools, which allow your child to gain experience in the Arts and everything in between. If it is the sports you want your child to be involved with we have nationally recognized sports teams also.

If you are afraid your child will be bored during the weekends or over breaks there are numerous parks for entertainment for them. There are Parks for children of all ages. The best part about each of these parks is they are free to visit and they foster kids in their education and social skills. Not to mention the ample opportunity for shopping in and around Lakeland. We have one of the nicest outdoor malls in the area with great restaurants and a movie theater that boasts the newest releases from Hollywood. With being only thirty-minute drive to the next big city it allows you to enjoy the amenities of those cities without the headache of traffic every single day. Orlando and Tampa offer some great activities to the Central Florida area but when it is time to unwind it is nice to know you can come back to Lakeland and escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Lakeland FL is a great place to live and a wonderful city to raise a family. With the ample education opportunities including the child care Elwood center, the city fosters the ability to develop into a well-rounded individual who cares about the well being of others. The people in Lakeland are the type of people who not only care about themselves but the development of others since it is our future generations that will continue help our wonderful city grow.

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