Lakeland FL Existing Overall Home Prices – November 2011

Lakeland FL Existing Overall Home Prices  – November 2011 Average overall Lakeland existing home prices dropped to $109,606 in November from the previous month.  Overall median home prices for existing homes in Lakeland Florida also decreased from the previous month as well as from the previous year.  While the inventory… Read more »

House Prices in Lakeland FL – October 2011

Lakeland FL Existing Overall Home Prices Rose In October 2011 Average overall Lakeland existing home prices rose to $115,266 in October.  Overall median home prices for existing homes in Lakeland Florida increased from the previous month as well as from the previous year.  While distressed properties continue to be a major contributor in determining market values for Lakeland… Read more »

Lakeland Florida Real Estate Update for May 2010

For the month of May, the Lakeland Real Estate market has shown slight improvement, but compared to previous year, it has been much of the same for when considering sales prices. A total of 221 Lakeland homes were sold in May with average and median prices still declining from the… Read more »

Lakeland FL Foreclosure and Short Sale Market Report – January 2010

The foreclosure and short sale market has affected all of us here in Lakeland, Florida with the ever decreasing home values in most neighborhoods if not all neighborhoods in our city.  High unemployment rates, influx in foreclosed properties for the foreseeable future and shadow inventory that has yet to hit… Read more »

Lakeland Florida Real Estate Market Report for July 2009

Since February, I have seen a continuous increase in sales activity in the Lakeland Real Estate market. For July the sales of Lakeland homes sold has increased 26% to 188 homes from the previous year and more importantly an 11% increase from the previous month. Moderate increases were recorded for… Read more »