Lakeland FL Foreclosure and Short Sale Market Report – January 2010

The foreclosure and short sale market has affected all of us here in Lakeland, Florida with the ever decreasing home values in most neighborhoods if not all neighborhoods in our city.  High unemployment rates, influx in foreclosed properties for the foreseeable future and shadow inventory that has yet to hit […] Read more »

Lakeland Foreclosure Epidemic may be saved by Short Sale Remedy

With Polk County’s unemployment rates, this foreclosure epidemic is going to continue and it may even grow. Lakeland Short Sales are at an all time high, there are currently over 400 Lakeland homes for sale that are short sales. The jobless rate in Polk County is at an all time […] Read more »

Having a hard time making your Mortgage Payment?

The very first thing you should do when experiencing difficulty making mortgage payments is to contact your lender immediately should you want to keep your Lakeland home and before asking a Lakeland Real estate agent about a Lakeland Short Sale.  The longer you wait and ignore the fact you are […] Read more »

How do I Market my Lakeland Short Sales

Sellers facing foreclosure or trying to get their lender approve their Lakeland short sale deserve the same marketing exposure as regular Lakeland Real Estate for sale. Just because there is a for sale sign in the yard and yes,  the home is listed in the Multiple Listing – is this […] Read more »

Buying a Lakeland Short Sale

There are hundreds of Lakeland homes for sale where owners are trying to get a Short Sale approved by the lender. After searching the internet and gone through these listings perhaps did a drive by of the home you like.  You ready to go out and buy your Lakeland Short […] Read more »

Lakeland Florida Short Sale Information – What is a Short Sale?

Short Sales in Lakeland, Florida are becoming more and more common in recent months and notably though, a lot of homeowners still don’t have any idea what a short sale is and what are the required documents the lender requires. First of all you the property owner, the most important […] Read more »