Top 4 Most Common Home Designing Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid Home Designing Mistakes If you want to impress buyers looking for Lakeland FL real estate, you should know how to create the home of their dream. One way of doing that is by avoiding common home design mistakes. When it comes to dealing with interior design, you do not […] Read more »

Halloween Events around Lakeland 55+ Communities

Every October, children around Lakeland 55+ communities are really excited for Halloween. Aside from the traditional Trick or Treat, residents of Lakeland can also enjoy a number of events during this time of the year. Here are some events you might be interested in: BOO! Bash at Explorations V Children’s […] Read more »

Top Architectural Styles of Lakeland 55+ Communities Real Estate

Viewing various Lakeland 55+ communities real estate is almost similar to a quick course on architectural styles. These properties are like exhibits of such styles each one having their own personality as well. The diversity of architectural styles in an area also has a lot to say about the history […] Read more »

Top 5 Things Not Covered by a Carillon Lakes Community Home Insurance

The home is a large financial investment. To protect it, most Americans purchase a homeowners’ insurance. However, no matter how extensive or fully loaded your Carillon Lakes community home’s insurance policy is, chances are there are still some gaps and hidden voids that these don’t cover. To avoid getting caught […] Read more »

Designing Your Carillon Lakes Community Home for the Fall Season

The transition of summer to fall provides a great opportunity for Carillon Lakes community homeowners to re-decorate and refresh the look of their homes. There really is no better way to welcome the new season with these awesome, budget-friendly fall decorating ideas: Incorporate the season’s colors. Fall or autumn colors […] Read more »

Top 5 Tips for First-Time Carillon Lakes Community Homebuyers

Thinking of starting fresh? Ready to get rid of mom and dad’s constant nagging for you to find a home? Noisy neighbors are getting to your nerves? Whatever your reason for wanting to buy your own Carillon Lakes community home for sale, doing so can be equally exciting and intimidating. […] Read more »